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Did Nets Have a Shot at Gasol?

ESPN Insider's Chad Ford talked to a lot of NBA executives in the wake of the Pau Gasol trade and he believes that several teams, including the Nets, could have given the Grizzlies a similar or better offer. New Jersey could have packaged all of their expiring contracts (including Nenad Krstic), along with two picks (which would have been better than the picks the Lakers gave Memphis) in exchange for the big man from Spain. GMs gave Ford several reasons for why they couldn't get Gasol, including one GM who said that his owner wouldn't let him go over the luxury tax no matter what. The trade Ford proposes would have worked, but it would have added an additional $2.1 million to the Nets' salary and put them over the tax line. Ford also proposes a deal between the Nets and (pre-Shaq) Suns.