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Are the Nets Going to Deal Jason Kidd?

ESPN NEWS: There's one big piece out there that could really make a team
the team to beat and that team of course is Jason Kidd. So the Nets deal Jason Collins for Stromile Swift but the big deal is would be Jason Kidd. Where do things stand with that?

RIC BUCHER: Dallas is really the only suitor at this point. A couple of other teams have made inquiries. New Jersey called a couple of other other teams. But nobody has the combination of things not even Dallas that New Jersey wants. It wants young talent plus expiring contracts. It doesnt want to take back any bad contracts and it wants draft picks.

So for Dallas to get this done, they are going to have to bring in another team and as much as the Gasol trade suddenly had every other GM in the Western Conference who had a team that's in the running making phone calls and seeing what they could do, it came back around to the same position which is "It would cost us how much? We would have to give up what? Let's just stay with what we have."

Right now the odds are against Jason Kidd getting out of New Jersey before the trade deadline.