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Marc Stein with the Latest on the Kidd-Harris Trade

Marc Stein of ESPN was interviewed on Galloway & Co., an ESPN Radio show hosted by Randy Galloway of Fort Worth Star-Telegram Monday at 7:30 p.m. EST

The main points of the interview:

--"We just don't know what's going to happen, we just don't know".

--"There has been a sea change" from yesterday's optimism it's possible that everyone is just so nervous that they can't be certain of anything any more.

--Today's delay was more due to the teams wanting a clarification from the NBA front office on Keith Van Horn's status, whether he will be permitted in the deal and how long he will have to stay with the team. This is by no means the first time an inactive player has been used to balance a trade but after the Aaron McKie situation, there is uncertainty, particularly after Joel Litvin, the NBA's president of operations, told reporters Saturday that each case must be handled on a case-by-case basis.

--The two teams had Van Horn's agreement before the deal was revised. The issue is how long will he be required to stay on the Nets' roster.

--Van Horn "does not need the money" and has "a lot of responsibilities" and if the league required him to stay the rest of the season in NJ, it could "jeopardize" the trade.

--Mark Cuban will wind up paying "$11 million or more, maybe up to $15 million" because of Devean George's refusal to go along with the trade. That includes the $4.3 million he will have to pay Van Horn, plus what he has to pay whichever player he must cut, the remainder of salaries George and Jerry Stackhouse will be paid plus the luxury taxes.

--If Van Horn can't be included or drops out of the trade, the only way it could still work is for the Mavs to go back to George and persuade him to reconsider.

--George's "Bird Rights aren't worth two cents" and he should know that.

--Dallas has wanted Jason Kidd since they lost Steve Nash. When they lost in the first round last year to Golden State, they said, "Let's get Jason Kidd". Kidd brings what they didn't have then and still don't have: "mental fortitude".