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Kidd Trade 101

Here are the basics of what is the biggest trade in Nets history, in terms the quality of the players involved as well as the salaries exchanged. (The Nets' biggest trade, in terms of number of players, was a 1997 deal between, ironically, the Nets and Mavs. It involved nine players, the headliners being Sam Cassell and Shawn Bradley.)

The Nets receive:

--Devin Harris, a 6’3", 24-year-old point guard from Wisconsin with a contract through 2012-13.

--Desagana Diop, a 7’0", 26-year-old center from Senegal with a contract through 2007-08.

--Maurice Ager, a 6’5", 24-year-old shooting guard from Michigan State with a contract through 2008-09 (called up from Tulsa in the NBDL).

--Trenton Hassell, 6’5", 28-year-old small forward from Austin Peay with a contract through 2009-10 but with an early termination option in 2008-09.

--Keith Van Horn, a 6’10", 32-year-old power forward from Utah with a contract through 2009-10 (with a team option after 2007-08). The option runs out in late October and contains a yet undisclosed buyout. The manner in which the contract was written permits the Nets to trade him from July 1 through October 31.

--two first round draft picks in 2008 and 2010, the first lottery protected, the second unprotected.

--two trade exceptions the New York Post valued at $770,000 and $1.68 million. Thorn declined to set numbers on the exceptions but said one was for Antoine Wright and the other for Van Horn. They can be used in trades for one year from date of the trade, meaning from now to close to next year's deadline.

--approximately $6.4 million in cap space, the difference between the contracts sent to Dallas--$22.18 million--and the value of those taken in--$15.76 million. That will increase next year to approximately $8.2 million, depending on what they do with Diop and Van Horn. The Nets ended the season close to $7 million under the luxury tax threshold.

The Mavericks receive:

--Jason Kidd, a 6’4", 34-year-old point guard from California with a contract through 2008-09.

--Malik Allen, a 6’10", 29-year-old power forward from Villanova with a contract through 2007-08.

--Antoine Wright, a 6’7", 24-year-old small forward from Texas A&M with a contract through 2007-08.

Earlier, the trade had been broken into two transactions, the second exchanging Wright for a second round pick. However, the salary structure in the revised deal did not require the second transaction. ESPN had also reported earlier that Darrell Armstrong might be included in the deal. That proved to be inaccurate. Van Horn and Hassell replaced Jerry Stackhouse and Devean George, both of whom were in an earlier deal that had to be reworked.

Potential issue resolved: Van Horn signed a three-year deal—with one year at $4.2 million guaranteed. The NBA was satisfied that Van Horn intends to pursue his career. The league recently gave its approval to a similar arrangement involving the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies. Like Van Horn, McKie was inactive but had never filed his retirement papers. McKie remains on the Memphis roster, two weeks after the trade, but has not played.