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Crazy Day Ends with Net Loss ... All-Around

If Wednesday's game with the Raptors was the first of the post-Kidd era, it didn't bode well. Between pre-game tributes and post-game head scratching, the Raptors took the Nets, 109-91, to end the Nets' modest three-game win streak. With Kidd, Malik Allen and Antoine Wright in the building but out of uniform and Toronto native Jamaal Magloire left back home, the Nets had only nine players ready for action. And those nine were simply not enough. Toronto fans took turns booing Vince Carter and cheering Chris Bosh. Carter suffered through a miserable 5-15 shooting night and Richard Jefferson hit only 6 of 18 while Kidd's two replacements, Marcus Williams and Darrell Armstrong, combined for 23 points and 12 assists but 7 turnovers. The Nets lone bright spot: their pogo-stick forwards. Stromile Swift shot 6-for-9 on his way to a 12-point, six-rebound game while Sean Williams shot 4-for-5 and grabbed 7 boards. Bosh had a monster game, scoring 27 points. The Nets are off for a week.