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Moscow Nights - Boki Beats Curly

Dynamo, with Boki Nachbar and Jannero Pargo, beat Triumph, with Nenad Krstic and Alan Anderson, 93-79 Friday in Moscow. Boki, who is playing the best of any NBA imports from this summer, had 27 while Krstic, who has been inconsistent, had 18 to lead their teams. Boki is averaging about 16 ppg while Krstic is averaging about 12 ppg. They played in front of 2,000 people. No further word on Russian teams' financial woes, but both of these guys have outs after this season, and again the Nets continue to retain Krstic's rights...meaning they have the right of first refusal and an standing offer of $2.7 million for one year.