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Harris' New Aggressiveness Paying Off...All-Around

It's as if Devin Harris has had two starts to the season, the first in late October and then the start to what he calls "being more aggressive", meaning the last three games.

Just how dramatic has the turnaround been? Take a look at all his stats in the last three games, compared to those in the first three.

The obvious difference is his scoring, jumping from 12.3 ppg in the first three to 33.7 in the last three!

But all of his stats have improved.

Overall, he's shot 36-for-47 or 55.3% in the last three, compared to 10-for-33 or 30.3% in the first three.

Beyond the arc, he's shot 4-for-10 or 40.0% in the last three, 0-for-4 in the first three.

The most dramatic change, of course, is at the foul line. In the first three games, Harris went 17-for-20, or 85%. Since then, he's been an astonishing 45-for-50 or 90%.

He's also averaged 4.7 rebounds--up from 3.3; 6.7 assists--up from 5.7; 1.7 steals--up from 0.3; and 1.0 turnovers, down from 2.3.