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Nets Offer Nightly Highlight Reels

Every night, chooses the Play of the Game as well as the day's best Assist, Block, Dunk, and Steal.

It's usually based more on individual artistry than significance. The more thunderous dunk, the more precise the assist, the more electrifying the steal usually wins out over the one that wins or ties a game.

Looking through the list, it turns out that the Nets may have the most exciting group of players in the NBA. Twelve players have been featured in the "Top Plays" five or more times this season. Three of them are Nets: Vince Carter with five appearances, Jason Kidd with eight and Sean Williams with 10.

Williams in fact is third in the league, after Josh Smith and Kobe Bryant, each of whom have 12. Tied with Williams is Lebron James. Others with five or more appearances are: Marcus Camby with 6; and Tracy McGrady, Kevin Garnett, Amare Stoudemire, Caron Butler and Dwight Howard with five each. Williams is of course the leading rookie. Kevin Durant is second with four.

Richard Jefferson, Boki Nachbar and Antoine Wright all have one each.