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Jason Kidd Milestone Watch

Jason Kidd has passed some big milestones this season and is getting closer to some others. In addition to recording his 9,000th assist, he has also recorded his 5,000th field goal. If he keeps up his rebounding pace, he should get to 7,000 rebounds at the very end of this season. Also in sight, his 2,000th steal and 1,000th NBA game. And of course he is only five triple doubles away from 100 in that category. Here’s where he stands:

–23 games away from 1,000
–5 triple doubles away from 100
–424 rebounds away from 7,000
–44 steals away from 2,000
–922 points away from 15,000

Moreover, he will keep moving up the ladder in several major categories. He should pass Isiah Thomas for fifth place on the all-time assist list within the next few games. He has 9,019, only 42 behind the current Knick coach. With 6,576 boards, Kidd should also move past Michael Jordan (6,672) and Clyde Drexler (6,677) on the all-time list for rebounds by a guard this season. He just passed Magic Johnson and if he keeps going, he will be second to Oscar Robertson (7,804) by season's end.

Surprisingly, and with little fanfare, Kidd is closing in on the top 10 in three point shooting all time. He has 1,281 three's, ranking him #15 on the all-time list. Two more and he moves into the #14 spot, tieing Dell Curry. And another 45 vaults him into the top 10. He's on pace to do that sometime in March...unless Peja Stojakovic passes him. The Hornet specialist is currently at 1,271. Not bad for a guy once called 'Ason Kidd (No J).