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Nets-Knicks Notes

By Dave D'Alessandro
Star-Ledger Staff

Lawrence Frank used an interesting phrase to describe the status of his power tandem before game:

"Their youthful energy and exuberance gave the team a little bit of a jolt," he said. "Now the key is, can we sustain it, or was it just a jolt?"

The inference was fairly easy: While Frank is virtually locked into starting Josh Boone and Sean Williams for the foreseeable future, he isn't sold on this being a permanent solution — or even one for the long term.

"That will be determined by their play," Frank said. "If I was issuing a press release, I'd say we have hit a lull and we have to continue to stay the course — play harder, play smarter — and as always, we're evaluating everyone's play."

Losing three out of four, of course, would make any coach flexi¬ble. But he wasn't exactly talking about benching Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson. "I'm not going to talk about change at all," Frank said. "Change is not in my mind right now."