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Reviewing the NBA Previews - 2007

You can find them on the newsstands, but not online: those glossy annual basketball previews, with their ranking of teams and players along with special fantasy features. This year, we found seven of them on various newsstands. Only two of the seven have the Nets even winning the Atlantic and one predicting a trip to the Eastern conference finals. Compare that to last year when one had New Jersey going to the NBA Finals before losing, while another has them holding up the O’Brien Trophy at the Meadowlands.

Here they are, ranked by quality of the preview, not their rankings...with a special look at how they project Sean Williams' season--sushi (raw) or steak (well done):

Name: "Lindy's Pro Basketball 2007-08"

Price: $6.99

Prediction: Tied for second in the Atlantic Division

Netcentric Features: Vince Carter on the cover; Fantasy projections: for Kidd (6), Carter (6), Jefferson (5), Krstic (11).

Author: Fred Kerber

Bottom Line: "Hey, don't look at the Nets. Stop talking about them. They don't exist. They've gotten used to the cold shoulder and sort of like it that way. In the East, everyone is talking about Boston. Kevin Garnett causes that when teamed with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce...The negatives are the same as always. They play in the shadow of the Knicks. They get the respect afforded your lovable mutt at the Westminister Kennell Club. And there is a veteran malaise, sometimes born of veteran confidence that they can turn it on when needed. Another slow start could doom them. To combat all the negatives, there is Jason Kidd and his incomparable will and drive. Another plus: an owner willing to spend."

Sean Williams - Sushi/Steak Watch: "Latest gamble. Troubled collegian has promise, but it terribly raw" (Sushi)


Name: "Athlon Sports Pro Basketball"

Price: $5.99

Prediction: First in the Atlantic Division; Eastern Conference Finalist

Netcentric Features: Jason Kidd on the cover; Review the six mid-season games decided by a basket; Fantasy projections: for Kidd (4), Carter (2), Jefferson (12), Krstic (14).

Author: Anonymous

Bottom Line: "The Nets are trying to strike a balance, hoping to get back to the NBA Finals now, and keeping the pieces in place to assure the franchise of a winning team as they try to complete the relocation to Brooklyn. That will likely mean no complete rebuilding task. But the Nets are growing impatient with the results from this group. Still, seeing them together and healthy--something that really hasn't happend in the last few years--is at least an intriguing possibility."

Sean Williams - Sushi/Steak Watch: "His play this summer showed he has a long ways to go." (Sushi)


Name: "CBS Sportsline NBA 2007-08 Season Preview"

Price: $6.99

Prediction: First in the Atlantic Division

Netcentric Features: Fantasy projections: for Kidd (4), M. Williams (40), Carter (5), Jefferson (11), Nachbar (32), Krstic (17), Magloire (39).

Author: Wendell Maxey

Bottom Line: "Some things never change. Just as in seasons past, the Nets will only go as far as the 'Big Three' carry them; last year, itwas into the second round of the playoffs. Now with Vince Carter opting to stay in East Rutherford and both Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson no longer involved in trade rumors, New Jersey is prepared to win the Atlantic Division. But they will also need a healthy Nenad Krstic to accomplish their goals. His absence hurt the New Jersey's post-season run, but the addition of former All-Star Jamaal Magloire and first round selection Sean Williams could be the low-post remedies needed ot keep the Nets positioned among he elite teams in the Eastern Conference."

Sean Williams - Sushi/Steak Watch: "Brings raw athleticism to the paint." (Sushi)


Name: "Sporting News Pro Basketball 2007-08 Yearbook"

Price: $5.99

Prediction: Second in the Atlantic Division

Netcentric Features: Jason Kidd, Nets Dancers on the cover; Fantasy projections: for Kidd (3), M.Williams (40), Carter (3), Jefferson (25), Krstic (12), Magloire (25).

Author: Anonymous

Bottom Line: "With the return of Nenad Krstic and the signing of Jamaal Magloire to bolster the inside, the Nets have a chance to give ageless leader Jason Kidd a third shot at the NBA title...Last year, the Nets could have been accused of being a bit on the overconfident side. This year, the attitude is one of cautious optimism, but they have their eye on much more than the Atlantic Division title...The balancing act for New Jersey will be to keep Kidd and his teammmates fresh enough in the regular season for a longer playoff run."

Sean Williams - Sushi/Steak Watch: "He's a top notch athlete who can rebound and block shots, but is raw offensively." (Sushi)


Name: " Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide 2007-08"

Price: $5.99

Prediction: N/A

Netcentric Features: Fantasy projections: for Kidd (4), Carter (4), Jefferson (23), Krstic (22).

Author: Charlie Zegers

Bottom Line: "The more things change, the more they stay the same. The Nets spent this off-season trying to maintain the status quo, handing out extensions to Vince Carter (four years, $66 million guaranteed) and Lawrence Frank (signed through 2009-10). The team's only significant loss was Mikki Moore, but his production won't be missed with Nenad Krstic due back from reconstructive knee surgery at the start of the season...Look for Jamaal Magloire to return to the nightly double-double production he showd in Milwaukee. He was a bad fit in Portland."

Sean Williams - Sushi/Steak Watch: "Williams' shot-blocking, rebounding, and athleticism are perfect fits for he Nets." (Steak)


Name: "2007-08 Pro Basketball Review and Fantasy Guide"

Price: $9.95

Prediction: Third in the Atlantic Division; First Round Loss to Chicago

Netcentric Features: Fantasy projections: for Kidd (10 - all guards), Carter (9 - all guards), M. Williams (90 - all guards) Jefferson (37 - all forwards), Nachbar (58 - all forwards), Krstic (15), Magloire (42).

Author: Anonymous

Bottom Line: "Jason Kidd just keeps on going, putting up triple doubles--as well as averaging a triple double in 12 playoff games. He's 34 years old and once had questionable knees, but Kidd hasn't shown signs of slowing down lately...unfortunately, Vince Carter has fallen in love with the three point arc. It won't be a huge problem, however, as long as Kidd is getting him open looks."

Sean Williams - Sushi/Steak Watch: "He has to shake off a lot of rust (and stop talking about Pink Floyd all the time)." (Sushi)


Name: "2007 Basketball Action"

Price: $6.99

Prediction: N/A

Netcentric Features: Fantasy projections: for Kidd (3), Carter (4), Jefferson (5), Krstic (17).

Author: Eno Sarris

Bottom Line: "(Jamaal Magloire) is just looking for that right fit to get to the Finals and back to this productive ways. And this could be that team. They have a scoring center in Nenad Krstic that can take the inside socring load off Magloire, whose 44.7 FG% over the past three years is below average for a center. They have a great three-headed attack that will attention to the perimeter."

Sean Williams - Sushi/Steak Watch: "His shot-blocking and rebounding abilities may be given the chance to shine considering that only Jason Collins stands in his way." (Steak)