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Points of Comparison Between Incomparable Points

Comparing Jason Kidd and John Stockton at age 34 is helped by how close their birthdays are. Kidd turned 34 on March 23, 2007. Stockton turned 34 on March 26, 1996. Making the comparisons easier is Stockton’s 1996 Olympic biography, which listed all his successes up to that point. Also helpful, his player information page.

To be fair, we’ll make comparisons as of this time of year, after a summer of international play but prior to training camp.

Here are some points of comparison between the points at age 34:

–Jason Kidd has taken the Nets to the NBA Finals twice. John Stockton had yet to get the Jazz to the Finals, making the trip at ages 35 and 36.

–John Stockton had just won his second Olympic Gold Medal. Jason Kidd gets his chance at No. 2 next summer.

–Jason Kidd has been selected to First Team all-NBA five times, second team once. John Stockton had been selected to the first team twice, the second team six times, the third team once by age 34.

–John Stockton had been selected to the NBA All-Star team eight times. Jason Kidd has been selected seven times.

–Jason Kidd has 87 triple doubles. John Stockton had yet to pick up his first, which he did at age 41. He finished with one TD.

–John Stockton had 10,394 assists. Jason Kidd has 8,691. Stockton finished with 15,806, the all-time career record.

–Jason Kidd has made either first or second team All-Defensive team nine times. John Stockton had made third team twice.

–John Stockton had 2,365 steals. Jason Kidd has 1,902. Stockton finished with 3,265, the all time career record.

–Jason Kidd has led the NBA in triple doubles 10 consecutive seasons. John Stockton led the NBA in assists eight consecutive seasons.

–John Stockton had yet to have his microfracture surgery. He underwent the procedure at age 35. Jason Kidd had his at age 31.