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Net Fans Around the World Getting Daily Fill of Team News

Every day, around the world, Net fans check into their favorite fan sites to see what's happening with their favorite team, their favorite player.

And if you speak Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, French or a number of other languages, you don't have to read about Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, etc. in English. There are sites for you in your native language.

American fans are not the only ones who follow the Nets, NetsDaily found several sites devoted to either the team or Carter, its biggest international draw. There's even one that translates NetsDaily into Chinese!.

The most familar looking is the Hoopschina site, with its replication of NetsDaily. Although not available on some days, it is up almost every day of the year. China is also the home of this team fan site, put up by The NBA, as it does with all its teams, has an official Nets site in Chinese as well. (Between one and two per cent of NetsDaily's traffic comes from China every month.)

But the most thorough international Nets fan site appears to be this site in Poland, called simply "Vince". There's also a companion forum. Although devoted to Vince Carter, it has all the team news. Close behind is a Hungarian site, Torpinduri. It translates the NetsDaily Blog! There is also a French site, put up by

There are a lot of Carter-specific sites as well, just as well put together. There's this one in Chinese,, again with a lot of Nets news, this one in French, called simply vincecarterfly, another in the Philippines.

We didn't find any Serbian sites, which is odd since the Nets have two Serbian players in Nenad Krstic and Mile Ilic, as well as another player who speaks Serbian in Boki Nachbar, from Slovenia.

And if anyone out there knows of others, please add the url's in the comments section and we will update.