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Mile Ilic: 'Everyone's saying that it's big risk'

As you can see [Mile] Ilic didn't play a lot because of that injury. He's training with an injured foot and everyone's saying that it's big risk. But, he's constantly saying that he can not just watch.

If you ask me he will be in final squad because we stayed totally without centers - only Ilic and [Darko] Milicic. So, simply, he must play. On the other side, again if you ask me, in normal occasions he would have a huge problem making squad alongside Milicic, [Nenad] Krstic and Kosta Perovic (huge, huge potential - signed for Warriors this summer).

Ilic will play only if healthy, be sure in that - our new coach is forcing a totally young team and surely that he will give Ilic a lot of minutes if he finds way to heal his foot.

--Milan Lazarevic,