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Krstic Feeling Good about his knee and the Nets

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by Aleksandra Perišić

Special thanks for this translation to ilikecb4 of RealGm message boards

-Krstic is doing very well after the injury, practicing.

-He loves his girlfriend, with whom he has a four-year relationship.

-He wants to stay in New Jersey because of Jason Kidd, called him a "sports idol".

-His idol growing up was Vlade Divac, because they're from the same town, Kraljevo.

-He says he is very calm off the court

-He has no pre- or post-game rituals. He wants to leave 100% on floor every time and doesn't believe in rituals

-Money is not his #1 priority when he becomes a free agent; Winning is more important together with great teammates.

-He loves to spend his off-season in Serbia

-He enjoys the NBA lifestyle in the United States

-As a kid, his first sport was soccer, then karate.

-He decided to play basketball because of his height

-He started playing pro-basketball at 15 years old..that's when he got his first paycheck