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The Nets' International Brigade

It's said there is no great honor for an athlete than to stand on a medal platform as your nation's national anthem is played. Nine Nets from four countries--the USA, Serbia, Slovenia and Canada--have worn their countries' colors at some point in their careers, whether with a youth team, Under-18 or U-20, or with an Olympic team.

Three Nets have medaled at the Olympics, Jason Kidd and Vince Carter winning gold in Sydney in 2000 and Richard Jefferson winning bronze in Athens in 2004. Nenad Krstic has played for the Serbian Olympic team as well. Antoine Wright, Marcus Williams and Mile Ilic have all won gold at international youth tournaments.

Here is a listing of each of the nine's international honors:

Vince Carter, USA:

USA U18 National Team Gold Medal-1994
USA Olympic Dream Team-2000
Olympic Games Gold Medal-2000
USA National Team-2003
Tournament of the Americas (Copa America) Gold Medal-2003

Mile Ilic, Serbia-Montenegro:

Serbia and Montenegro University Games Team-2003
World University Games Gold Medal-2003
Serbia and Montenegro National Team-2006
World Championships in Japan-2006

Richard Jefferson, USA:

USA National Team-2003-2004
Tournament of the Americas (Copa America) Gold Medal-2003
Olympic Games in Athens Bronze Medal-2004

Jason Kidd, USA:

USA National Team-1999, 2000, 2003, 2007
USA Olympic Dream Team-2000
Olympic Games Gold Medal-2000
Tournament of the Americas (Copa America) Gold Medal-1999
Tournament of the Americas (Copa America) Gold Medal-2003
Tournament of the Americas (Copa America)-2007

Nenad Krstic, Yugoslavia, Serbia-Montenegro:

Yugoslavian U20 National Team-2001-2002
European Championships U20 in Lithuania Gold Medal-2002
Global Games in Dallas Silver Medal-2002
Serbia and Montenegro National Team-2003-06
Olympic Games in Athens-2004
European Championships in Belgrade-2005

Jamaal Magloire, Canada:

Canadian U18 National Team-1995
Canadian National Team-1996-97

Boki Nachbar, Slovenia:

Slovenian U22 European Championships-1996-97
Slovenian National Team-1999-2006
World Junior All-Star Team-1999
Slovenian U20 National Team-2000
European U20 Championships Gold Medal-2000
Slovenian U22 National Team-1996-2001
European Championships-2003
European Championships in Belgrade-2005

Marcus Williams, USA:

USA U21 National Team-2005
World Championships U21 in Argentina Gold Medal-2005

Antoine Wright, USA:

USA U18 National Team-2002
Global Games in Dallas Gold Medal-2002