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On the Road Again

Ed Stefanski is making his second scouting trip to Europe this season, part of of his usual routine. With the draft only two months away, the scouting just intensifies and in some cases it appears that the Nets' GM is taking a last look at some top prospects that the team has scouted before and could be available to take at #17.

Based on Stefanski's itinerary, as posted by Gary Sussman, the Voice of the Nets, here's our guess at who the Nets' own peripatetic is looking at. Three likely objects of his attention: Marco Belinelli, a solid shooting guard out of Italy, Tiago Splitter, the athletic Brazilian big man, and Ante Tomic, the young but very thin Croatian center. Stefanski has said he also takes hard looks at European free agents on these trips and as he has in the past, might take a look at the Nets' 2004 second round pick, Christian Drejer.


Luigi Datome, Legea Scafati
#Christian Drejer, Virtus Bologna


Nemanja Aleksandrov, Red Star
Uros Tripkovic, KK Partizan
Peja Samardziski, FMP Zeleznik


Tiago Splitter, Tau Ceramica
Anton Ponkrashov, CSKA Moscow
Dusan Sakota, Panathinaikos
#Luis Scola, Tau Ceramica

Vienna: ???


Ante Tomic, KK Zagreb


Marco Belinelli, Climamio Bologna


Rudy Mbemba, Opel Skyliners