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Nenad Krstic Interview

Krstic: I left bad things behind me!

In short interview for Serbian daily "Kurir", Nenad Krstic talked about his possible contribution to the Serbian National team in the European Championship in Spain this summer.
Serbian National team players were not satisfied until now with the Serbian Association. Krstic was one of the loudest in criticizing, but changes in the National Federation made him finally happy. Legendary Serbian player, Dragan Kapicic, is the new President of the basketball Association and Krstic is more then pleased with the situation.

"I didn’t know him, but after a short, 10-minute conversation, I realized that he’s more than correct. I am glad that some changes finally took place in the National Association. We didn’t talk about my possible participation in the European Championship in Spain; he was just interested in my health and recovery from my injury." – Krstic said.

Kurir: There were so many bad things before, you were mentioning blackmails. Do you think that with the new situation in the national Association, all that will be just history?

Krstic: "I left bad things behind me and I don’t want to emphasize that problem again. I have a wish to play for Serbia, but my wishes are one thing and reality is totally another. Even if I totally recover, it’s really a question of what level of form I can reach in August or September.
At this moment, I am pleased because everything is going better then we expected. I started to run a little and to shoot a little, but I still can't change direction while I’m running. I focused in the gym. I am working on my upper body. I can tell you that I already have an additional 10 kg of muscle. I am maximizing this situation to stay active and prepare well for the new season."

Kurir: Your Nets eliminated Toronto in first play-off round, but obviously Cleveland is a higher barrier.

Krstic: Against the Raptors, everything looked well; even we could win with higher difference. Of course, Cleveland is a stronger opponent. It will not be easy, but I believe in my teammates that they can reach the finals in the East.

Thanks to Milan Lazarevic for the translation.