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Random Notes

In a short note in ESPN the Magazine, Nets swing Bostjan Nachbar credits his scoring surge--career highs in points and FG%--in part to Nets shooting coach Bob Thate. During his time on the bench last season, he and Thate worked on his mechanices without game pressure. Another reason, says Nachbar: Jason Kidd, who, Nachbar says, "fills you with confidence"

Thate also gets a shout-out from Chris Carrino on the Nets website. Asked who is that man sitting next to Nenad Krstic on the bench, Carrino describes the former Occidental College star this way: "a laid back California guy who has done a terrific job. Bob took Krstic under his wing since joining the Nets and has been instrumental in helping him become a reliable jump shooter. In fact, when Nenad comes back next season, look for him to extend his range."

Nets international scout Rob Meurs is in Cholet, France, this week at the Cholet Mondial, a 12-team youth tournament --teams composed of players 18 and Under--sponsored by some of Europe's best known basketball clubs and organizations. Among those participating are teams from France, Argentina, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Spain and Italy.

In the category of didn't-we-dodge-a-bullet, there was news this week on Robert "Tractor" Traylor, who the Nets almost signed in the summer of 2005. Traylor had agreed to sign as a free agent, but a Nets physical showed a heart problem, which required immediate corrective surgery. The deal never got done, Traylor had successful open heart surgery in November, and missed all of the 2005-06 season. The Nets had offered Traylor a chance if he returned to health, but the law intervened. Traylor pleaded guilty to laundering money for a drug ring and now faces up to 14 months in jail.