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Random Notes

Things you might have missed in the blizzard of data streaming down from the Great White North.

Don't expect Eddie House back in the Raptor series. Nets radio broadcaster Chris Carrino reported last night that House is definitely out for the first round. Initially, it had been hoped he could return around Game 5.

Rod Thorn and Ed Stefanski told the Daily News that they intend to pursue Mikki Moore aggressively this summer. Moore, who makes the vet's minimum this season--$1.07 million, is an unrestricted free agent. He said he wants to stay with the Nets. Thorn has also let people know that if Bill Cartwright has an interest in returning to his native Sacramento as head coach, he will not stand in the way.

While admitting he is "really upset" at not playing in the post-season, Nenad Krstic says he is making good progress, better than expected actually, on his recovery and rehab from a torn ACL suffered in December. Krstic told the Post and the Star-Ledger that he has put on some seven pounds of extra muscle in his upper body and has starting a "little jumping, jump shots" as well as side to side drills and that he felt surprising strong and not sore. He expects to be fully recovered by June or July, but will not play for the rest of the season. Chris Carrino and Tim Capstraw in their Nets website column suggest shooting coach Bob Thate is working with Krstic on his mechanics in hopes of extending his shooting range. "I wouldn’t start getting visions of Dirk, but look for Krstic to develop 3 point range at some point in the near future", says Carrino.