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Nets Unable to Recover From Ugly Third Quarter

The Nets were doing a solid defensive job on the potent Denver Nuggets Tuesday night, but they dug themselves a hole in the third quarter when they went scoreless for more than five minutes and Denver extended their lead from one point to 13. The Nets got back into it midway through the fourth, but they could never hit the shot to tie it or take the lead. Their final chance came with nine seconds to go, but Vince Carter's three to tie was off the mark. Both teams shot exactly 40% from the field, but the Nuggets outrebounded the Nets 48-40 and were able to get to the line 10 more times. Carmelo Anthony led all scorers with 30 points, 20 of which came in the second half. Vince Carter led the Nets with 29, but the Big Three shot just 35% for the game. It was Denver's first win of the season when they scored less than 100 points.