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SI Players - The Questions with Bostjan Nachbar, Nets Forward

Sports Illustrated (Not Online)
March 19, 2007

What was your welcome-to-the-NBA moment?

Getting clothes from my teammates. When I first game to the NBA [after playing in Italy], I didn't know you have to dress properly. I was a teammate of Steve Francis in Houston. He bought me a whole wardrobe.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

I fell down getting crossed over by [Orlando's] Grant Hill my first year [2002-03].

Your favorite off-day activity?

Watching TV--especially the HBO series Deadwood, The Sopranos and Rome.

What's the one thing about being in the NBA that people don't think about?

That it's 24/7. You live it all the time. Whether it's getting rest, taking care of your body, getting taped up, watching film, getting ready for games or practice.

If I weren't playing basketball, I'd be...

A reporter, digging for the truth, investigating--whether connected with history or politics or whatever.