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The Thursday Night Dream Team?

Make some general assumptions:

1. The Nets will trade Jason Kidd and Jason Collins for Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm, Jordan Farmar, etc. and the Lakers’ first round pick.

2. The Nets will trade Vince Carter for Grant Hill and Darko Milicic.

3. No other current Net will be included in either deal. No Hassan Adams or Mile Ilic throw-ins.

4. The Nets will drop Cliff Robinson and Bernard Robinson plus any other additions from the Lakers, i.e. Aaron McKie.

6. With the revamped lineup, the Nets will fall into the lottery, probably with the 10th to 12th pick.

So here is the Nets’ lineup for the remainder of the year:

Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm, Darko Milicic, Nenad Krstic, Josh Boone, Mikki Moore, Mile Ilic upfront.

Richard Jefferson, Grant Hill, Antoine Wright, Boki Nachbar, Hassan Adams at the swingman positions.

Marcus Williams, Jordan Farmar, Eddie House in the backcourt.

Fifteen players, ten of them active, with Krstic and Mihm out for the year, Jefferson, Hill, and Brown out from a week to a month.

Two draft picks: Nets, a lottery selection at around #10, and Lakers, a late first rounder at around #24.

Broken down, the team gets younger and taller. It would have:

--11 players aged 26 and younger (all but Moore, House, Hill and Mihm, each of whom has an expiring contract)

--9 aged 24 and under (Brown @ 24, Krstic and Wright @ 23, Adams, Boone and Ilic @ 22, Milicic and Williams @ 21, Farmar @ 20.)

--3 players aged 21 and under (Milicic, Wiiliams and Farmar), more than any other NBA team.

--8 players on rookie contracts, including five rookies (Williams, Boone, Farmar, Adams and Ilic)

--3 players--all Serbian seven footers--represented by one agent, Mark Cornstein, and all with contracts ending next season unless extended (Krstic, Milicic, and Ilic).

--5 seven footers and one 6’11" (Ilic, Krstic, Milicic, Mihm, Moore plus Brown).

Now make some additional assumptions re: off season decisions:

1. The Nets decide against resigning Hill, Mihm, Moore and House;

2. The Nets sign Milicic to a five year, $40 million contract, starting at about $7.5 million.

3. The Nets sign Krstic to a five year, $55 million extension, starting at about $8.5 million in 2008-09

4. The Nets pick at #10 and #25 in the draft, adding another $3.5 million. No second round picks.

So here is the payroll projection for next season, as of June:

Projected 2007-08 payroll: about $43.5 million for 13 players plus buyouts for the Robinsons, a savings of $22 million over what it would be without the trade. Under the cap by about $12 million, under the luxury tax threshhold by $23 million.

Notes: no need to re-sign Moore who will turn 32 with Krstic, Milicic, Brown, Boone, Ilic, all 25 or younger. By signing Milicic and Krstic and holding on to Brown, the Nets’ need to take a big man in the draft would be reduced. If Ilic works out, which the Nets will know by the summer, all the less reason.

Would Cornstein want to see all of his seven-foot Serb clients on one team? Would he advise one or more to seek opportunities elsewhere? Would all three remain with him?

The Nets would not have their MLE since they would be under the cap, but would have enough cap space to make any realistic deal. The Nets would retain their LLE.

The Nets would have a need for a sweet-shooting swingman, either House for the LLE or a draft pick like Marco Belinelli of Italy, who Stefanski has scouted.