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Chad Ford on five guys who should be traded.

Let's go on to the New Jersey Nets...a lot of talk about perhaps the Nets blowing this team up. And it starts with Vince Carter who has the option of opting out of his contract this summer. I think you could see Vince Carter shipped out before the trade deadline. I think There is a concern that he is gonna ask for too much money this sujmmer and that he is an unrestricted free agent. He could go anywhere he wants to go, leaving the Nets with nothing. Obviously, the Orlando Magic has been talked about a lot. Vince Carter is from there. He has a house 25, 30 minutes away. They have a huge need in their backcourt. I think Vince carter would be a good fit. The question is do teh Newe Jersey Nets...are they willing to take back a combination of Grant Hill's expiring contract and a guy like Darko Milicic. The, the Nets would like to throw Jason collins into any deal with Vince Carter. Obviously, Collins a guy they would like to get him off the books. The question is is Milicic enough. The guy is a restricted free agent this summer and from at least what I have been able to dig up, the Nets aren't huge fans. So I'm not sure that that is the place he ends up. Another possibility is the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers have a nice combination of some expiring contracts and they have a guy that still everyone in the league covets in Shawn Livingston. Livingston is a point guard He plays the same position as Jason Kidd but if I move on to my fourth guy, Jason Kidd.

I also think that it's time for the Nets to go ahead and move Kidd as well. He's getting up there as far as age goes. He's still productive. I think this is the last year they can get anything in return for him. I dont think the Nets are a playoff team. They've had too many injuries with Richard Jefferson and Nenad Krstic. I think that they blow up this team right now, get under the cap, get some prospects and there is a team out there that is hot on the trail of Jason Kidd and that's the Los Angeles Lakers. You can already see this is a slam dunk for the Lakers. You put Jason Kidd, Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom on the floor together and I think that is a great deal. The Lakers have a number of expiring contracts they can give back to the Nets. They could throw in draft pick and perhaps a prospect like a Jordan Farmar and I think that should be enough really for the Nets. Right now, it's about getting some value in return for those guys, clearing a ton of cap space and then when the team moves to Brooklyn in two years, they'll have a competitive team and be able to capture that market right away.

And I think the chances are good that we will see Vince Carter and Jason Kidd traded before the deadline.