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Rod Thorn Letter to Season Ticket Holders

With NBA All-Star Weekend upon us, I would like to give you my thoughts on the state of the team and the outlook for the rest of the season and beyond. Our season ticket holders are part of the Nets family and it is important to us to keep you informed.

First, from our perspective we are disappointed in our record so far this season. While we have been hurt by injuries, particularly those to Nenad Krstic and Richard Jefferson, our second and third leading scorers respectively, we have been able to pur ourselves in a position to win almost every night only to lose a number of close contests. Our coaches and players continue to work diligently to improve our defensive and offensive execution in late game situations so many of these defeats can be turned into victories.

Secondly, there has been a lot of speculation regarding potential player transactions prior to the February 22nd trading deadline. Our position on this issue has always been and will continue to be that we are always looking to improve the team either short term or long term, and if something presents itself that will enable us to do so, then we will pursue it.

Finally, there have been a number of positive things that have happened this year and give us optimism for the remainder of the season. One of our goals during the off-season was to improve our bench play and in that we have succeeded. Newcomers Marcus Williams, Eddie House, Josh Boone, Hassan Adams and Mikki Moore have played solidly with the latter having moved into the starting lineup and performed admirably over the past month. With Richard Jefferson expected to return to the lineup in March, we feel confident that we will stay in the playoff hunt for the duration of the season.

Hopefully, I've been able to answer some of your questions regarding the state of the team. I thank you for your support and I'm looking for a better third of the season.


Rod Thorn
Nets Basketball