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Nets Pull Out Another Win Down the Stretch

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The Nets just may be turning things around. They picked up their second straight win Saturday night at the IZOD Center, a 100-95 victory over the Warriors. The Nets led most of the way (by as many as 14 in the second quarter), but a Baron Davis three gave Golden State a one-point lead with less than four minutes to go in the game. After a basket (as well as a number of empty possessions) from each team, the Warriors were still up one with less than a minute to go. Then Vince Carter hit a three off a drive-and-kick from Richard Jefferson to put the Nets ahead by two, Boki Nachbar took a charge on the other end, and Jason Kidd finished it off at the line. Kidd recorded his seventh triple-double of the season, Jefferson led all scorers with 31 points on 10-of-14 from the field, Carter added 23 points and 12 boards, and Josh Boone recorded his second career double-double with 19 points and 13 boards.