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Thorn: "Nets Have to Turn It Around...and Quickly"

In a rare pre-game interview with Ian Eagle on YES, Rod Thorn said the team "has to turn it around and turnaround quickly" or, he hinted, he would be ready make major moves. But he also said he would not make moves just for the sake of making moves that would be "parallel or could hurt the team".

Thorn in answering a question about Lawrence Frank, absolved the coach of responsibility for the team's 9-13 record. "I think Lawrence is a terrific coach. I think he has done great job here. As he always does, he's trying everything within his power to make sure we turn it around. I don't think the coach is the problem."

When asked if Jason Kidd was happy to be with the Nets or does he want to go elsewhere, Thorn pointedly didn't respond specifically about the Nets' captain, saying only: "I don't think anyone on our team is happy. There is a lot of frustration that permeates the entire team."