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Carter, Kidd Closing in on Major Milestones

Vince Carter could enter elite company Wednesday night at the IZOD Center. If he scores 30 points, Carter will have tallied 15,000 for his career.

With 621 games under his belt, Carter would only trail the Miami Heat's Shaquille O’Neal (547 games) and the Denver Nuggets' Allen Iverson (557 games) as the fastest active players to reach 15,000 points, reports.

Carter is also only 57 three pointers away from 1,000 three pointers.

Jason Kidd is getting closer to some very big milestones. Here's where he stands:

--54 games away from 1,000

--13 triple doubles away from 100

--93 field goals away from 5,000

--692 rebounds away from 7,000

--309 assists away from 9,000

--98 steals away from 2,000

--1,227 points away from 15,000

Handicapping Kidd's chances of passing those milestones, you would have to say that 1,000 games, 100 triple doubles, 5,000 field goals, 9,000 assists and 2,000 steals are within reach this season. Getting 7,000 rebounds (8.6 rebounds per game over 80 games) and 15,000 points (15.5 points per game) would appear just out of reach. (If Kidd averages 15 ppg, this is not necessarily a good thing for the team...there's little doubt he could.)

But here's a surprise, the player once nicknamed "Ason Kidd" (No J) is closing in on the career top 10 in three pointers! If he matches his total from last season--124--Kidd will move from 18th to 8th place in career treys, tying vaunted three point specialist Dan Majerle! One more and he's in seventh. He already has 1,236 three pointers.

This season aside, Kidd seems poised to achieve something NO NBA player has ever achieved in his career: 15,000 points, 10,000 assists and 7,000 rebounds. Oscar Robertson had the points and rebounds but fell 13 short in career assists. John Stockton had the points and assists, but fell well short--almost 3,000--in rebounds. Magic Johnson had the points and assists but fell 444 short in rebounds. Wilt Chamberlain had the point and rebounds but fell 2,357 short in assists. Kidd is also poised to finish with more than 2,000 steals and 100 triple-doubles.