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Breaking the Sussman Code

Gary Sussman's new blog has become an oasis in the dry desert of hoopless summer in New Jersey. Tidbits delivered like sweets to the weary traveler of the off-season, who smelling like a camel and in desperate need of sustenance will accept it all gratefully.

However... while the first part of the blog is direct, what flows from his "You Must be Nets" kicker often makes one wonder if heat stroke persists.

So as a public service, NetsDaily has decided to offer our translation of that more cosmic section. Here is our first attempt to break the Sussman code [The DuhSussman Code?]

"That's a V..C...Number 15 in the gym working out...that's enough for me...."

--All this stuff about Carter changing cities, getting a divorce? Put it aside. He's here. Good for us.

"Sightings...Kerry Kittles, looking extremely fit, visiting with the LG..."

--Tantalizing, isn't it? Kittles has said he will "probably" retire, but he's talking to LG...the Little General...Lawrence Frank. Stay tuned [as if we had something else to do!]

"Trading Places....Look for a new, fresh personality on the YES Nets' broadcasts this season...think Yankee Road Show..."

--Michelle Beadle for Leslie Boghosian and a second round draft choice? [Couldn't fool us, we know Jim Kaat is retiring!]

"Big Red Update...The Diva felt the need to call me when she spent 45 minutes long distance in an attempt to fix her printer...the bill is enough pain, thank you..."

--Obligatory reference to daughter's recent matriculation at Cornell. [Sounds homesick...a good thing]

"Nolo Contendre...Can we stop with the Jeter/A-Rod comparisons..."

--Reading the forums, how many more threads comparing Jefferson and Carter can you stand? [Shakespearean!]

"Foot Fault...US Open winners...Nadal and Sharapova..."

--Obligatory sports prediction. [Not very original]

"Mrs. S, this is Sandy Koufax....Shawn Green does not have to worry about playing on Yom Kippur this is an off day...but not for the Blogger...please speak softly when you call my mother with the news. "

--Obligatory family reference. [We are not going there]

We hope this helps. As for last week's blog, we are still waiting for the announcement re Mr. Chibbs...Kenny Anderson.