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Nets Draft GPA a 3.5 this term

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Give the Nets somewhere between an A- and B+ on their draft this year, say those draftniks who have graded each NBA team's performance at the league's annual cattle call.

Of the 14 basketball writers who actually assigned grades, two gave the Nets an A+, Brendan McGovern of and Sam Amico of Pro Basketball News. The Nets got an A from Mike Kahn of Fox Sports, Andru Edwards of and Aran Smith of, an A- from NBC Sports' Ray Glier and RealGM's Aaron Bronsteter, as well as B+ from Chad Ford of ESPN, Steve Kerr of Yahoo!, Dwaine Price of, Chris Monter of and Jonathan Givony of Draft Express. Marty Burns of Sports Illustrated, a notoriously tough grader, gave the Nets their lowest grade, a B.

Tony Mejia of CBS Sportsline graded each pick, giving the Nets an A for Williams, a D for Boone, and a C for Hassan Adams.

Here are some of the quotes from the writers about the Nets' picks:

"Have the Nets just put together the best draft? I mean, three studs from
big-time programs? It's true. GM Rod Thorn has done a masterful job
of finding very gifted backups for his talented trio of Jason Kidd, Vince
Carter, and Richard Jefferson. Outstanding."
--Sam Amico, Pro Basketball News.

"No elite team got tougher or deeper than New Jersey."
--Brendan McGovern,

"Somehow, some way, Nets president Rod Thorn was able to pull this off. Despite picking where they did, they got a lottery talent in Williams to develop behind Jason Kidd and spell him for increasing minutes. Josh Boone is a terrific shot-blocker and will rebound."
--Mike Kahn, FOX Sports.

"If Adams dedicates himself to improving his game, he's got the physical gifts to be a defensive standout and have a lengthy career in the league. His work ethic is the biggest thing holding him back."
--Aran Smith,

"Obviously the Marcus Williams pick was a slam dunk. They've needed a solid backup for Jason Kidd, and Williams will be great in that role...But Boone rarely plays up to his abilities. I just don't see him panning out. I think they should've grabbed Alexander Johnson."
--Chad Ford, ESPN Insider.

"Maybe Thorn can be gigged for not getting a deal done to move up, but at least he came away with three legit prospects."
--Marty Burns, Sports Illustrated.

"Considering the players they came away with, that mission was a clear success, particularly in landing Marcus Williams with the 22nd pick. Williams has a bit of Jason Kidd to his game in the way he controls the tempo of the game and finds the open man with his incredible court vision."
--Jonathan Givony, Draft Express.