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Rod Thorn Answers Questions from Season Ticket Holders (Transcript)

Nenad has played year round now for the last three or four years. Believe it or not, he has gotten stronger. He works out diligenty in the weight room during the season. And he also has done some [in the off season] even though he is playing for his team in Yugoslavia, or in Serbia, uh, excuse me.

It's not as easy a decision as you think. When you talk about World Championships and Olympics to the world at large, they're much bigger than an NBA championship. Now for our players, in this country, obviously, the NBA championship is the ultimate. and I'm not saying, obviously, that it doesnt mean something to foreign players. But in Nenad's country, if he did not play for Serbia and he was asked to play, he would have a hard time walking down the street in Belgrade. His family is there. He goes back anyway in the off-season. He would be going back.

So I think you will see him play probably for this year, maybe the next Olympics, Olympic games. After that I don't know if you will see it. I don't think that he has much of a choice to not play. You know Pau Gasol did not play last year for Spain and received a tremendous amount of criticism for it. Nenad is 22 years old, is still growing, still getting bigger and stronger, still hasnt reached hisfull potential. I think if he is healthy at the time I think you will see him playing this summer.