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Ilic injures shoulder in playoffs

Mile Ilic injured his shoulder in the final Serbian Sinalko Superleague game against Partizan. It seemed at first that the injury was not a serious one, but the young center began feeling a lot of pain in his right arm during next few days and an examination showed it was separated.

Ilic did not play for FMP, his team from the Belgrade suburb of Zeleznik, in the next match against Mornar Wednesday and there is big question mark in front of his name for the rest of the season.

Just a month and a half ago, Ilic won the Adriatic league championship with FMP Zeleznik after a perfect shooting night in the big finale.

His team was the biggest surprise so far in Serbian Superleague and the last away win against the first favorites, Partizan, was a real culmination. But Ilic paid with a huge price.