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Rod Thorn Answers Questions from Season Ticket Holders (Transcript)

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Mile Ilic, who plays in Serbia for FMP Zeleznik, is a player who has gotten bigger, he's gotten stronger this year. He plays about 20 minutes, 18 to 20 minutes a game. His stats are good. He can shoot the ball. Rebounding-wise, not where you'd want him to be...a better athlete than (Nenad) Krstic. Taller, more athletic...needs to keep getting stronger to become more of a force on the defensive end, shot-blocking, rebounding, but a player who's intriguing.

Ed Stefanski, our general manager, has been over to monitor his progress two times this year and in fact was over there two weeks ago during our Indiana series. He was at the Slavic Championships in Dubrovnik. He is an intriguing player. as to whether he will come over the year or the following year iit'sn hard to say right now. but with some experience and if he contines to get stronger and he seems to be a willing worker, he could be a factor in the NBA at some point in time . Without getting stronger, I don't think he will be a factor right now.