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Drejer Season Review: Inconsistent, Injured and Sometimes Invisible

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Christian Drejer doesn't figure in the Nets plans for next season. The 2004 draft choice has a buyout, is happy in Bologna and the Nets are unlikely to give him a shot, believing him too soft, particularly on defense, for the NBA.

The 6'-9 1/2" shooting guard had a better season in the Italian League this year than he did in the Spanish League last year, but he was plagued by inconsistency and injury., the Bologna fan site, summed it up Thursday in its annual report card on Virtus Bologna, Drejer's team. Roughly translated, it said Drejer has "too much talent for anyone to tolerate his being invisible some evenings". Still, it noted that he can play "all angles" of the court and when he went down with a nagging ankle injury two months ago, it hurt the team, which had been playing surprisingly well. Virtus lost seven of its last eight games and failed to make the Italian League playoffs last Sunday when it lost in Naples.

Drejer did have his successes: two 29-point games, selection to the Italian League all-star game and a last second block that preserved a one-point win over rival Lottomatica Roma. But he also had two games where he didn't score at all and another game in the Bologna Basket City Derby where he scored only two points.

What's next for the player who wants to be the first Dane in the NBA? One thing is sure: he will play for Denmark's National Team late this summer in the Eurobasket 2007 Qualifying Round, including two games against Zoran Planinic's Croatian team.

Will the Nets invite to play for their summer league team? Right now, that is unlikely. But the answer to that question will determine just how interested the Nets are in Drejer. And if not, will Drejer ask the Nets not to renew their draft rights? The Nets have until September 5 to decide whether to retain those rights. All they have to do is offer him a contract, even a non-guaranteed contract. He would be hard-pressed to accept that with his contract, which includes a buyout he would have to pay.