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Nets Can't Get Shot Off to Save Season

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The Nets started Game 5 strong Tuesday night in Miami, taking an double-digit first-quarter lead. The Heat fought back slowly and took a two-point lead into halftime. The game was close from then on out, but the Nets only held the lead for 17 seconds in the second half. Lamond Murray missed a three to tie with 2:12 on the clock and Antoine Walker hit one to make it a six-point game 16 seconds later. The Nets closed to within one with 29 seconds to go and after Gary Payton missed a jumper, New Jersey had 1.4 seconds on the clock with the season in the balance. Jason Kidd's inbounds pass to Vince Carter was broken up by Dwayne Wade however and the Nets never got a shot off. Carter and Richard Jefferson led all scorers with 33 points each, while Jason Kidd added 20 and Murray pitched in for 14 off the bench. The starting frontline of Jason Collins and Nenad Krstic combined for just two points and six rebounds, however. The Nets were able to keep Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade in check, but Walker had another big game with 23 points.