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Busy Off-Day for Frank (Not Online)

By Dave D'Alessandro,
Star-Ledger Staff

The national broadcast media have finally picke dup on the fact that NBA team from New Jersey is on quite a role, they started flooding VP Gary Sussman's oiffce with interivew requests Monday morning.

One snag: Lawrence Frank gave the team off that day, so the coach had to do every single show himself.

Or, if one was listening carefully, give the same interview over and over and over. And over.

In one 16-hour period--from Wednesday evening to yesterday morning--Fran appeared on the Jim Rome Show on ESPN, ESPN News, ESPN Radio, WFAN Radio and then ESPN's morning show.

"I'm a shill for the organization," the coach said, sounding proud of the fact. "I didn't have to move from (this office chair). My longest commute was six steps. And everything was three minutes long."

Just the Same, the day's schedule gave Frank another reason not to give this team many days off inthe future.

Frank claims not to be superstitious, but he has followed one routing since the 14-game winning streak began: he and two assistant coaches (Rich Dalatri and Pat Sullivan) have dined at the same Italian restaurant on the afternoon of game days.

"Everybody orders the same thing," Frank said. "I get soup (which) varies. And spaghetti Bolognese. Sully gets tuna, blackened. And Dalatri gets salad with mozzarella. Just when we are home, and this where we are going."

Not as if he is superstitious or anything.

"Here's the secret. You really want to know? Have good players," he said. "That is my superstition. You have good players, I feel really good about that. Because we could be eating at that restaurant every day and if we didn't have good players, we wouldn't be able to afford that restaurant after a while."