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In Season's Final and Most Meaningless Game, Nets Lose

The Nets finished up the season with a 17-5 winning streak, but couldn't reach the magic number of 50 Wednesday, losing to the Knicks at the Meadowlands, 90-83. It was a game where three of the Nets best players sat on the bench in street clothes, and the two other starters played minimal minutes. Still, the game was not without its highlights, Jacque Vaughn played his second straight solid game in a starters role, scoring 15 points and handing out eight assists. John Thomas, the newest Net, grabbed 10 boards and Jason "Set Shot Willie" Collins hit two three pointers. Richard Jefferson finished with 13 points, Lamond Murray with 11 and Zoran Planinic with 10. Jamal Crawford led all scorers with 23. The Nets finished at 49-33, the second best record in the the team's NBA history.