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Why the Nets haven't clinched yet

In his audio chat Thursday, Dave D'Alessandro was asked why the Cavs have clinched and the Nets haven't, despite the fact that the Nets are 1/2 game ahead of Cleveland. Dave thought it had something to do with divisions, but it doesn't:

Even though the Nets are 1/2 game ahead of Cleveland, they have the same # of wins (42). Chicago, the current 9 seed, has 40 losses, so they can win a max. of 42 games, which would tie them with Cleveland or NJ (if one of those teams lost the remainder of their games). Cleveland owns the tiebreaker over Chicago (swept the season series 4-0), but the Nets do not (currently 1-1) yet.

That's why the nets have not yet clinched a playoff berth. They will clinch with their next win or the next Chicago loss.