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Who Owns The Nets?

The Nets ownership group is large and varied. Here is a list of the more well-known. The list of owners was first published by the Brooklyn Papers last year and expanded on by the New York Sun.

Bruce Ratner - principal owner; real estate developer; president Forest City Ratner; wealth reported in the hundreds of millions of dollars; major contributor to federal, state and local political campaigns; fast becoming major patron of world's best-known architects - interest: reportedly 7%.

Michael Ratner - civil liberties lawyer; president, Center for Constitutional Democracy; a frequent critic of Bush administration, particularly regarding the War on Terror; brother of Bruce; one of several famiy members who are investors - interest: unknown.

Jay-Z - entertainer/entrepreneur, rapper with a marketing and management sense; Brooklyn native; squires Beyonce' Knowles, formerly of Destiny's Child to Nets' games; takes investment seriously - interest: reportedly 1.47%.

Mary Higgins Clark - mystery writer; best-seller machine; Brooklyn native; NBA "Read to Achieve" sponsor; Ratner friend - interest: unknown.

Robert S. Rubin - Chairman, Brooklyn Museum and Wall Street financier - interest unknown

Forest City Enterprises - Ratner parent company, run by Ratner cousins; huge urban and suburban developer; specializes in new-towns-in-town; latest project a billion dollar development centered on a slots casino in Pittsburgh - interest: 15%, but takes 38% of the losses, according to SEC filing.

Lyor Cohen - record executive; Jay-Z colleague; President, Warmer Music Group, - interest: unknown.

Londell McMillian - entertainment lawyer; biggest client is Nets investor Jay-Z, but reps other hip-hop figures; loyal to Jay-Z - interest: unknown.

Lewis Katz - formerly Nets' principal owner; Philadelphia entrepreneur who made his fortune in parking garages and real estate; investor in the Nets, the YES Network and reportedly Ratner's larger mini-city; latest project a plan for a slots casino in downtown Philly - interest: unknown but very significant.