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Game 64 Thoughts...

Some random thoughts from Nets-Lakers...

- It was obvious from the start that this matchup meant a little extra to Carter and Bryant. Kobe is a terrific defender when he puts his mind to it. Vince was short on pretty much every long jumper he took. Maybe he still wasn't 100% after feeling sick earlier in the week and he just didn't have the legs?

- Collins was terrific. Seemed to have pretty good lift tonight. Two great charges taken on Kobe and that incredible hoop-and-harm in the third.

- Kidd's defense on Kobe was probably the biggest factor in the win. He wasn't shooting well (although he probably hit the biggest shot of the night), but his effort on the other end more than made up for it.

- Krstic just keeps getting better and better. He is becoming almost automatic from mid-range and one of the biggest sequences of the night was when he almost single-handedly got the Nets in the bonus early in the third.

- The bench only scored 13 points, but they were solid. They shot 6-13 and had only one turnover in 53 minutes and that was a questionable charge call on Planinic.

NetsDaily Game 64 Player Rankings:
1. Nenad Krstic - A better game than his 11-for-11 night
2. Jason Kidd - see above
3. Vince Carter - had some big baskets despite the poor shooting. Big D on the last play.
4. Richard Jefferson - wasn't shooting well, but took it to the basket and got to the line
5. Jason Collins - see above. Also a great pass on the Carter three-point play
6. Cliff Robinson - Seems to be over that shooting slump he had earlier
7. Jacque Vaughn - Steady
8. Zoran Planinic - Good to see they have him handling the ball even with JV and JK in the game
9. Lamond Murray - Big three. Didn't hurt them at all
DNP - Nachbar, Padgett, Wright
Inactive - McInnis