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Game 61 Thoughts

Some random thoughts from Nets-Hornets...

NetsDaily friend Tim Capstraw was right on point about Vince Carter's shot selection. It's not that Carter can't hit the fadeway, but his shooting percentage is much higher when his feet are set and he is balanced. The Nets should make a rule for him: no fadeaways until you hit three straight jumpers. If you're hot, go for it. If you're not, take it to the hoop or only shoot when you're open and square to the basket.

Zoran Planinic was terrific on offense. Even on the possessions he wasn't scoring, he was getting into the lane and making the defense collapse. It didn't always result in an assist for Zoran, but there were open jumpers to be had one or two passes away. On defense, he had a couple of bad possessions, one where he got burned by Claxton and one where he provided weak-side help, but then abandoned the ball before the other defender recovered.

Antoine Wright was terrific on defense. Early in the second quarter where the Hornets had the ball for 50 seconds straight (thanks to a kicked ball and the Nets losing a rebound out of bounds). Wright had at least three deflections in that time. He was great on the ball and off it, getting in the passing lanes and creating problems for the offense. Planinic was also good at the end of that possession, forcing Kirk Snyder into a bad shot ... which he banked in.

On offense, Wright is getting there, but he is still a ways away from showing us what he can really do.

Jason Kidd was all over the floor. The man anticipates a pass like no other.