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The Overtime Guy

THE OVERTIME GUY: Brett Yormark CEO, Nets Basketball


The youngest CEO in the NBA, Yormark, 39, is arguably the hardest- working too. He has signed 84 new corporate sponsors in just over a year on the job. The East Rutherford, N.J., team brought in an estimated $86 million last season.

3:35 A.M.
COMMUTE: Wakes up in palatial Franklin Lakes, N.J., home after about three hours' sleep. Drives to work in Mercedes S430, stops at Dunkin' Donuts on the way. (Starbucks isn't open yet.)

4:05 A.M.
COMMUTE: Clad in gym gear, arrives at Nets' corporate office.

4:10 A.M.
E-MAIL: Responds to 60 messages and reads through a thick stack of yesterday's e-mails, which his assistant has printed out for him.

5:50 A.M. / 6:30 A.M. / 6:55 A.M. / 7:05 A.M.
WORK OUT: Runs 3.4 miles on the treadmill downstairs while watching ESPN. Then shaves, swims, showers, and gets dressed.

7:35 A.M.
MEET: Biweekly direct-report meeting. "Everything is a chance to drive revenue," he says.

9:25 A.M.
PHONE: Back in the office, he placates a disgruntled season ticket holder and meets with assistant Jeanette Neary.

MEET: Walks the halls to pump up his staff of 100.
9:45 A.M. / 10:17 A.M.

TRANSIT: Drives to Manhattan to meet with Cushman & Wakefield CEO Bruce Mosler.
10:30 A.M. / 11:33 A.M.

DEAL: Ka-ching! Mosler signs on as the lead sponsor of a Coney Island event.

EAT: BlackBerry, then off to lunch: turkey burger (no bun), rice, and pink lemonade.
10:45 A.M. / 12:30 P.M.

MEET: Short walk to a meeting at NBA headquarters in Midtown to brainstorm ways to increase the rate of renewals on season tickets. PR guru Barry Baum sits in.
1:00 P.M. / 1:15 P.M. / 2:49 P.M. / 3:45 P.M.

MEET: After a Starbucks pit stop, talks sponsorships with Michael Jemal , CEO of appliance maker Haier America.

TRANSIT: Cruises back to office, checks in with Jeanette, then drives out to the Meadowlands arena for tonight's game against Orlando.

GREET: Meets boyhood hero and tonight's guest of honor, Hall of Famer Julius "Dr. J" Erving. Makes pregame address to ushers, then inspects concession stands.
6:12 P.M. / 6:40 P.M.

MEET: Goes courtside to watch player warmups while getting an update on today's NBA news. Has dinner--lasagna, meatballs, sausage, and salad from a buffet--during the game's first quarter.
8:35 P.M.

GREET: As game proceeds, schmoozes with Nets mascot ...
... along with sponsors, investors, and fans courtside.

9:00 P.M.
MEET: Gathers brain trust under the stands to strategize during second half, catches end of game.
COMMUTE: Nets win! Owner Bruce Ratner is all smiles. A quick confab, then home to kiss wife Amy good night.

"On weekends I'm at work by 7 A.M. I just love what I do. If you want to get everything in, it takes time."