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Highlights of the Dave D'Alessandro Audio Chat

On the trade:
I hate to say (Marc) Jackson was a bust. He was a bad fit. He likes to play down in the blocks and needs to get a lot of touches. Defensively, where this team likes its big men to excel, he doesnt excel. He doesnt cover the pick and roll well. His feet are slow. He cant guard anyone who is quick.

On Jeff McInnis' rehab and bench play:
Jeff is running again. The next hurdle is cutting. He's doing soft cuts. He's in pretty good shape. He will start to push the pace. It's possible mid-March for his return. They like Jacque Vaughn but they know they could use an upgrade there. McInnis could help, could make a big difference, but that remains to be seen. Jacque got turned inside out by Orlando's point guards the other night. Cliffy (Robinson) has been remarkable, but they need more out of Scott Padgett and Lamond Murray as well. Coaching and management deserve some of the blame for the bench problems as well.

On the Knicks' point guard experiment:

The Knicks seem to be acquiring talent for a big deal this summer...maybe Kevin Garnett. They'll play Steve (Francis) and Steph (Marbury) for a month and a half see how it works, make a decision after that. Chemistry is another thing, but that roster is as talented as any, top to bottom, in the league.

On RJ's ego:
RJ is a team first player, no doubt, but he would like a different job description. When he starts joking about the number of shots other people's no joke. Sometimes it burns him up not to get his share of shots. It's there, but it's subtle.

On Antoine Wright in the playoffs:
Wright can be productive in the playoffs. He is doing fairly well. He seems to be picking up defensive schemes better every day. He is staying aggressive, and he is in the rotation for good. That's not going to change. He is the first guy off the bench.