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Nenad Krstic: "Selfish Sophomore teammates"

With 8 points and 6 rebounds for 20 minutes, Nenad Krstic had solid night for the sophomores in the opening "All-Star" match at the Toyota Center in Houston.

In an interview for Serbian sport agency "Sportska centrala", Krstic explained that he is more than satisfied with his statistics after a bad experience in practice.

"When I remember practice which we had in the morning, I am more pleased now than then. Absolutely no one wanted to give me a ball, so I decided to persistently shoot for 3 until I finally scored. I gave my word to my friends that I would do that and I did it.

I must say that I only expected [to get] 2 pts and 2 rebounds considering the fellowship of my teammates, but at the end it was not so bad."

Krstic added:

"Of course, we all knew it was just a great show, but we wanted to win. [In contrast] We had practice for 2 weeks on Kopaonik," Krstic laughed. (Kopaonik is mountain in Serbia where its National team has a training camp).

Interestingly, between the two halves, Sophmore Coach Del Harris said only to me that I had to play harder on defense, while to the others he just said to wait for the right moment to dunk better".

Krstic concluded:

"If injuries stay far from me and if I play on high level, I hope that I will play in the big All-star game in future too. Surely, that is high point of every career"