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Highlights of the Dave D'Alessandro Audio Chat

All-Star Break Assessment:
No one is happy with where they are...they don't like their record but they're in a pretty good position to move up...they had hoped to get some separation in the division.

Rest of the Schedule:
The rest of the road is not difficult...4 out of 13 road games remaining are against winning teams. They could gain a lot of ground. They need some mental toughness. They showed some last night in Charlotte.
When you make three plays like Carter did at the end, you deserve it.

On a Possible Trade for Kenyon Martin
The Nets have been there, done that...can't bring in another big contract. Only way to get him realistically is to trade Carter and that won't happen.

Offensive Woes:
Droughts in part related to not making one more pass, to having the bench out there too much, to not getting out front on the break. Padgett and Vaughn last night were 0-for-6.

On Antoine Wright:
Can't see how anyone would consider him a bust, but it's far too early to say if the kid is a player. The Nets like his development just fine. If he gets a jump shot, and a lot players have to go a year or two before they do, he will be solid part of the rotation. He already has high basketball IQ.

On Zoran Planinic:
Zoran pretty frustrated. Saw him this morning. He was headed to Florida on vacation. I think more of his potential than a lot of people in the organization. He might be a late bloomer. It might be best, though, if he was traded to a different team...but he has no trade value. They don't regret the investment in extending him. It was small, less than $2 million.

On the two first round picks:
Right now, they can't get rid of one of the first picks. And really, it doesn't matter much to the Nets right now.

On Mile Ilic:
He might come over next season. It would require a buyout, a small buyout. Ed Stefanski will be visiting Serbia soon but it wont be decided til then what the Nets will do. If you want to follow him, our friends at NetsDaily do a nice job of tracking him.

On Melvin Ely:
Ely is a nice player with a fairly good post game, a good jump hook, but not a real good rebounder for his size. Its a case of not being able to find a $2.4 million salary that will match his that the Bobcats would want to exchange for him in a trade. They still like him. He is still on their radar. They are trying to find a third team...find a player the Bobcats want...but it won't be easy.

No questions asked about the possibility of the Nets acquiring Tim Thomas.