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Who's Next for Cliff Robinson?

With last night's game, Cliff Robinson moved into 10th place all time in number of games played with 1,297. He is also now in 16th place overall in number of minutes played with 40,855, in 37th place in number of points scored with 19,157. How high up those stats ladders can he go this year? In terms of games played, if he plays in all the Nets remaining 33 games, he will move past Moses Malone into the seventh position. And if he continues to play his season average of 23.7 minutes per game in those 33 games, he will be at 41,637 minutes, good enough for 14th place, just ahead of Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan and just behind Buck Williams. Finally, if he continues to average 6.8 points per game, Cliffy will be at 19,381 points and he will pass Gail Goodrich, Eddie Johnson and Bob Lanier and move into 34th place.