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Another Blown Lead is Fifth Straight Loss

The Nets return home from their four-game, seven-day trip out West with no more wins than they had when they left. Their fifth straight loss came at the hands of the Lakers after leading by as many as 12 points at the Staples Center Sunday night. The Nets came out sharp in the first quarter and Marcus Williams kept them ahead in the second, but the Lakers closed to within five by halftime and took the lead midway through the third. Early in the fourth, LA led by as many as 11, but the Nets climbed back to within two with less than five minutes to go. That was as close as they got however and they never had a chance to tie the game, as they turned the ball over three times down the stretch. They totalled 16 turnovers for the game and were killed on the perimeter, as the Lakers hit 12-of-25 from downtown.