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Dave D'Alessandro Chat Radio, November 9

On Antoine Wright:

He has exonerated himself, proving that he was not a wasted pick. He has proven a lot of people wrong. I don't know if there are any doubters left. They think he is a keeper. Playing the way he is playing, I think he probably will establish himself as a sixth or seventh man.

On the return of Eddie House and Josh Boone:

House will be back sometime in December. What happens then? It's a free-for-all...a tooth-and-nail fight. A lot of these guys can play. Legitimately, there are 11 guys who they think can play. Don't leave Hassan Adams out of this. The coaches love Adams. I don't know if playing 10 is feasible.

Based on what they saw in the summer league, they're smitten with Boone. He gives them something they haven't had. He's a long, athletic power forward/center who can get them some rebounds, block some shots, run the floor and offensively can play some pick-and-pop. They wont be running too many plays for him...and he is behind the curve. He is athletic enough and enough of a defender he will get into the rotation.

On Boone ultimately replacing Jason Collins:

Don't think that way. Collins understands the team defensive concepts. He is their best help defender and can guard the post better than anyone else. He is a good passer out of the post. You will be disappointed if you think Collins is going away.

Against Utah in the fourth, Okur got two quick threes, then at the seven-minute mark, Collins came in...Okur wasn't heard from again.

He looks inept offensively, but defensively he is one of the top four or five power forwards in the league.

On the fast break:

So far, they're running only in spurts. Until they get a feel for rotation, e xpect some grind it out. Utah had 0 fast break points. You don't find that very often. A team might be able to get a fast break off a steal, but not the other night.

On the return of Cliff Robinson:

Cliff is one of the most respected and highly regarded guys in the room. At the end of last season, Kidd and Carter were asked if they wanted Cliff back and they said of course. Rod Thorn probably said it best, "you can forgive but not forget". Besides how many 6'10" guys like him can you get for a million dollars a year.

On Marcus Williams' chances for Rookie of the Year:

I haven't seen a lot of the games yet, but Brandon Roy and Rudy Gay have to be at the top of the list. But when you lead all rookies in points and assists in preseason, like Williams did, you're off to a good start. Williams is extraordinary. He can be mistake prone. He needs to grasp the speed of the game. When he came in the other night, three of the first eight times he touched the ball resulted in turnovers. Still, he is extraordinary...He can pass it on the fly for profit with anyone.

On whether Nenad Krstic will lose minutes when the Nets go to small ball:

Going small will effect Krstic as well as Collins and Robinson's minutes. Krstic will feel the numbers crunch as much as anyone.

On Brooklyn:

As much as we don't like the idea, the bottom line is that for the team to be successful, they have to make money and they're not making money in New Jersey.

On Vince Carter:

He is playing as good an all around game as he ever has. Carter is passing brilliantly.

On Boki Nachbar:

Nachbar is a much diffferent and better better player than Padgett. He can find more ways to score than Padgett. He can put the ball on the floor, drive, etc. Padgett is a better rebounder but Nachbar can mix it up. But another 0-for-4 night and Frank may look beyond him when looking down the bench.