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Wright Scores 23 But Nets Lose in Preseason Opener

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Is this the first day of the rest of Antoine Wright's career? Wright scored 23 points on 8-for-13 shooting and grabbed four rebounds in 34 minutes as the Nets lost to the Pacers, 103-89. Wright was one of two Net youngsters who played well. Marcus Williams, although shooting a poor 2-for-10, scored 8 points and handed out 7 assists in 30 minutes. With Carter out with strained ribs, Wright, the 6'-7" second year swingman, started and seemed a different player than the one who averaged 1.8 ppg last season. None of the other starters played more than 17 minutes. Richard Jefferson scored 13 points, while Awvee Storey came up with 9 and Mikki Moore 8. Hassan Adams, Mile Ilic and Jay Williams scored a combined seven points. Williams, playing his first game in three years, was also responsible for four turnovers in 16 minutes. Meanwhile, Gary Sussman gives out his awards for the game, including Best Dressed. Step forward, Brandon Bowman.