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Mile Ilic close to Panathinaikos

Mile Ilic is close to the most famous Greek team! Legendary "Greens" from Athens made open interest to buy young Serbian center. Panathinaikos won 26 Greek Championship titles and 2 Euroleague titles (the most important and the strongest European competition) during long club history and besides fantastic results during current season they are still looking for new players. It must be said that the head-coach of Panathinaikos is one of the best European coaches and a man with the most number of titles in Europe, Zeljko Obradovic. Obradovic was Serbian National team’s head-coach during last 2 years, but he left that position after disappointing result on European Championship in Belgrade this year.

As one of the most promising Serbian players Mile Ilic was under constant Obradovic’s scouting for National team needs, so this rumor can not be some big surprise. Obradovic won World Championship 1998 and 2 European Championships (1995, 1997) with Serbian National team, but also 5 Euroleagues with 4 different teams.
Panathinaikos made new team for new march on Euroleague title, and obviously that Ilic can be missing element for magic formula.

FMP Zeleznik Sport Director (Ilic’s current club, ex club of Vladimir Radmanovic), Ratko Radovanovic, said for Sportski Zurnal, Serbian daily, that Ilic is interesting for many European clubs, but that he is also very important player for FMP too. Radovanovic also reminded that New Jersey drafted Ilic last year and that information is playing important role in Ilic’s life.